Adventure Time: Running Lower Hutt Fire Breaks

Lower Hutt, Wellington is small city surrounded by hills covered in regenerating native bush and gorse. The hills have wide tracks bulldozed in them to limit the damage of bush fires.

When it’s dry the fire breaks make great running tracks. The views of Wellington and Wainui are the best you will get. Photos from my trusty iPhone.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 11.05.08 PMCheck out all the info on my run here.





Nugget in for certification

So it’s been a crazy long time since I bought the EVOcoupe from Jonny, but it’s almost done. I’ve had the guys at STM finish up loads of little things that needed to be sorted. When I was down in Wellington for the NZPC Summer Tour I took it for it’s very first drive. I’m really impressed with the power delivery and how smooth it is to drive. I dropped it down to Junior’s Kustom Rides to get it road legal. Because of the conversion, totally rad shaved door handles and the mad power the Nugget needs a LVV Certification before it can legally hit the road.






The Nugget next to it’s STM brother #Project86.


Adventure Time: Sweet Mothers Kitchen, Wellington



Sweet Mothers Kitchen has to be my favourite place to eat when I’m in Wellington, New Zealand. On this visit a friend and I tested out their Soft Fish Tacos, Curly Fries and the Hush Puppies. All received A+ ratings that match their customer service.







Powerade Challenge Wellington

STM’s Doug Goodall gave me the heads up on Powerade’s most recent interactive marketing efforts. So I signed up to see what it’s all about.

The Gist
In its simplest form the Powerade Challenge is a running race, you can start your race at anytime you like. Competitors sign up online and are sent an RFID rubber bracelet. Competitors swipe their bracelet at check point A (the start). Run 8km along a predefined course and then swipe again at checkpoint B (the finish). Competitors times are automatically posted to an online leader board. Clever that the check points are Powerade machines.

Interesting Bits
The fastest runners to complete the course are given encouragement on a LCD Powerade billboard. Competitors go into the draw for Powerade prizes. The things you can do with RF bracelets are pretty insane, I feel like I’m living in the future.

Bits I liked

  • The website looks great, loads quickly and is easy to operate.
  • The concept in general, every competitor is dedicating a huge chunk of their time (at least 20mins) getting involved with Powerade’s brand. That is an extremely hard thing to achieve in the info overload, content cluttered times we live in.   


  • The info pack I got sent looked average. A plain envelope with colour laser printed map and info page really didn’t fit with the rest of the campaign, Maybe they ran out of budget?

Campaign Main Website

Brand consistant confirmation email

The sweet branded RF bracelet

Average laser printed info pack, sent in plain envelope

Couldn’t have picked a better morning.

The start / finish line.

Powerade branding is prevalent along the entire course’

While some people sleep, I run. Powerade went crazy on the bus stop media buys. Each bus top along the course displayed a Powerade ad front and back.

Obviously using some kind of black magic, this bill board scrolls encouragement.

Just incase you thought you were off track, Powerade points you in the right direction.

The bus stop adverts facing you on the way back to the finish spout motivational slogans.

Swiped my bracelet at the end of the course and revived a free Powerade. Hell Yeah!

When I got home I checked my time online. Very slick.
All in all, I loved getting involved with the campaign. Anyone who knows me, knows I appreciate the small details and almost all the bases were covered. This promotion really blew me away congrats to Powerade’s marketing team.
Oh and the guys over at Stoppress wrote a piece on this interactive marketing campaign if you want more info.
Anyone going to give it a try?

Dartel – Local Wellington Artist

Back in the day when I used to take photos at Wellington Hip Hop events, I often ended up hanging out with Dartel.  He has finally got his arse in to gear and completed his debut album.  Congrats dude!  Watch the trailer below then steal download the album “Shoot For The Moon” when it drops on April 7th from his website

Oh and do him a favour and Like his Dartel Music Facebook page.

Dyno Tuning Wellington: The Nugget

It’s been years since starting this project and now it’s time for the moment of truth; The dyno tune.  Working at STM (Speedtech Motorsport Ltd) really does have it’s perks, I managed to twist Chris Wall’s arm into tuning my car after hours.

Once on the dyno it quickly became apparent that I had a couple of problems.  The first being boost creep and the second being the fuel pump was not flowing enough for the level of boost we were seeing.  Both of these problems aren’t uncommon, most early Mitsubishi EVOs with a big turbo back exhaust suffer from boost creep.  I have already ported the wastegate port on the turbo housing to try and remedy the situation. Turns out that wasn’t enough.  The ideal fix for this problem is to fit a 38mm external wastegate, at this stage I’m going to try and steer away from this solution.  The only reason the creeping boost is a problem is because I’m running out of fuel at high RPM.  My preferred solution due to budget constraints is to fit a high flow Walbro fuel pump and see how we get on.

Currently on 95 octane gas the little EVO is making 188kW ATW, not a bad result.  I’ll let you know how it goes once the fuel pump has been replaced and we are running 98 octane gas.

Horrible photo. I know. Sorry

The Nugget: Bumper is on!

So progress has slowed on the nugget a bit. I refuse to let it beat me though.  I need to have it sorted and sold by November.

With the help of Bam, I’ve installed the rear bumper.  It was heaps harder than I thought, nothing is ever easy.  It’s starting to look like a complete car.

Here is my updated to-do list.

  • Install rear 1/4 windows
  • Install roof strips
  • Install rear seats
  • Install rear seat belts
  • Fabricate exhaust
  • Power steering belt
  • Replace the fuel level sender
  • Replace the fuel pump
  • Fit new solenoid to passengers door
  • Hook up A/C wire
  • Find and fit awesome steering wheel
  • Fit rear bumper
  • Find, fit and paint EVO 3 Side Skirts
  • Stereo, if we get that far
  • Dyno Tune
  • Wheels
  • Suspension
  • Cert
  • Oil pressure warning light
  • Crazy indicator problem

Photos of my Wellington Weekend.

I love Wellington, like all good Wellingtonians do.  In the summer I’m often out of town with work. so in the winter I like to chill out (see what I did there) and relax in the city.   Check out what I got up to this weekend.

G's bike pretty much all together now! Well with the old wheels. But it rides.

Cam at Cycle Science is pretty much the man. Couldn't have pulled it all together without him.

On Sunday we went for a ride/walk. G sat in her dream car a Nissan 370z.

Mojo kicks arse.

We took the BMX out to Oriental Bay, was an awesome winters Welly day.

G and I hit up Big Thumb for some Yum cha with Bam. Check out his beard!

G wouldn't get off the BMX.She even rode it in heels.

Saw this S13 Silvia out in Wellington on Saturday night. Looks choice.

Check this cool apartment in Wellington's Oriental Bay. Do want!

I'd settle for this one.

We played mini golf with the family at Carlucciland. Don't ask G who won. 😉

Yellow’s illuminated billboard

Yellow, previously known as Yellow Pages have been around for ages. Long before the days of Google, the Yellow Pages were the first stop when you were looking for business details. I can’t remember the last time I used a Yellow Pages service successfully, any how. Remember the Tree House Restaurant and the award winning Yellow Chocolate campaign, well this is Yellow’s latest, an illuminated bill board.

The billboard is targeting businesses rather than viewers, which I find odd as they have one of the biggest business directories in NZ. Anyways, goes to a flash website, as I’m on my iPad I can’t see exactly what it’s up to.

Here is a quick video of the billboard.

Do 2.4million kiwis really use Yellow?