Nugget in for certification

So it’s been a crazy long time since I bought the EVOcoupe from Jonny, but it’s almost done. I’ve had the guys at STM finish up loads of little things that needed to be sorted. When I was down in Wellington for the NZPC Summer Tour I took it for it’s very first drive. I’m […]

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Big Changes

Big things have happened in my life recently. For those of you who are out of the loop here is the quick catch up. I’ve moved to Auckland I’ve left STM I’ve resurrected my own business I’ve partnered with Andre (STM) and embarked on a new project. For those of you who would like a […]

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Destined to Fail – BMX Project

Well anyone who knows me well, knows projects ain’t my thang.   For that matter anything that requires me to get out from behind my keyboard just don’t get done. The standing joke around the workshop is that if a project requires nothing more than a quick clean it’s perfect for me. I need to […]

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Learning to Sail in Auckland

The Wellington Airport International terminal has recently had a bit of an update.  I haven’t seen as we don’t often fly JetStar or international.  Anyway, loads of people hate the terminal, I think it’s awesome!   The main reason for my trip was to run the STM EFI Tuning Stage 1 Training Course. We held […]

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