Dyno Tuning Wellington: The Nugget

It’s been years since starting this project and now it’s time for the moment of truth; The dyno tune.  Working at STM (Speedtech Motorsport Ltd) really does have it’s perks, I managed to twist Chris Wall’s arm into tuning my car after hours.

Once on the dyno it quickly became apparent that I had a couple of problems.  The first being boost creep and the second being the fuel pump was not flowing enough for the level of boost we were seeing.  Both of these problems aren’t uncommon, most early Mitsubishi EVOs with a big turbo back exhaust suffer from boost creep.  I have already ported the wastegate port on the turbo housing to try and remedy the situation. Turns out that wasn’t enough.  The ideal fix for this problem is to fit a 38mm external wastegate, at this stage I’m going to try and steer away from this solution.  The only reason the creeping boost is a problem is because I’m running out of fuel at high RPM.  My preferred solution due to budget constraints is to fit a high flow Walbro fuel pump and see how we get on.

Currently on 95 octane gas the little EVO is making 188kW ATW, not a bad result.  I’ll let you know how it goes once the fuel pump has been replaced and we are running 98 octane gas.

Horrible photo. I know. Sorry

The Nugget: Bumper is on!

So progress has slowed on the nugget a bit. I refuse to let it beat me though.  I need to have it sorted and sold by November.

With the help of Bam, I’ve installed the rear bumper.  It was heaps harder than I thought, nothing is ever easy.  It’s starting to look like a complete car.

Here is my updated to-do list.

  • Install rear 1/4 windows
  • Install roof strips
  • Install rear seats
  • Install rear seat belts
  • Fabricate exhaust
  • Power steering belt
  • Replace the fuel level sender
  • Replace the fuel pump
  • Fit new solenoid to passengers door
  • Hook up A/C wire
  • Find and fit awesome steering wheel
  • Fit rear bumper
  • Find, fit and paint EVO 3 Side Skirts
  • Stereo, if we get that far
  • Dyno Tune
  • Wheels
  • Suspension
  • Cert
  • Oil pressure warning light
  • Crazy indicator problem

ASB’s Social Banking, welcome to the future.

I’ve been with ASB for ages now, I choose to bank with ASB because at the time, their logo and design appealed to me more than any other.  Since then other banks have re-branded stepping up their cool status.   Not to be out down however ASB launched the “Virtual Teller” on Facebook.  Oh yeah, FB so hawt right now.   I first found out about ASB’s social launch when they won a “Best Use” award over at Social Media NZ, and I decided to give the Virtual Teller a go myself.

I went in with a goal of getting a new credit and EFTPOS card, the concept is pretty straight forward, agree to the app terms, pick a teller, a chat window opens up and you converse until all your questions and requests are met.  One major inconvenience I found was remembering my “password”, my teller reminded me it was “a password you gave us when you set up your account” and continued to help me through the process as a randomly guessed all my common passwords from the last 7 years.

In conclusion I like the concept, it’s so damn futuristic, kind of like using the robot checkout chicks at Pak’n’Save.  My question is why is this on Facebook and not inside the safe ‘n’ secure Fastnet (ASB’s online banking) then you could do away with all the frustrating ” what is your password” bullshit.  Is this just away for ASB to show they are still hip?

Brings me to a point, how come banks don’t use email marketing? Do you think it’s them pesky spammers who have ruined email marketing for banks?

Oh and I made this video, pretty choice.