Lift Off – Custom BMX Parts Arrive

My BMX parts arrived from Dan’s Comp today. I’m pretty excited about putting this bike put together. In saying that I obviously mean “I’m pretty excited about getting Cam at Cycle Science to put this bike together”. Spanners and I don’t play well together.  I’m missing a couple of key elements including; a seat post, stem, chain and sprocket.  So assembly might have to wait till I get back from the States.

Photos of my Wellington Weekend.

I love Wellington, like all good Wellingtonians do.  In the summer I’m often out of town with work. so in the winter I like to chill out (see what I did there) and relax in the city.   Check out what I got up to this weekend.

G's bike pretty much all together now! Well with the old wheels. But it rides.

Cam at Cycle Science is pretty much the man. Couldn't have pulled it all together without him.

On Sunday we went for a ride/walk. G sat in her dream car a Nissan 370z.

Mojo kicks arse.

We took the BMX out to Oriental Bay, was an awesome winters Welly day.

G and I hit up Big Thumb for some Yum cha with Bam. Check out his beard!

G wouldn't get off the BMX.She even rode it in heels.

Saw this S13 Silvia out in Wellington on Saturday night. Looks choice.

Check this cool apartment in Wellington's Oriental Bay. Do want!

I'd settle for this one.

We played mini golf with the family at Carlucciland. Don't ask G who won. 😉

Fresh Paint for Project Destined to Fail

Project Destined to Fail just keeps on surprising me, on two fronts.  One, the speed in which it’s progressing and two, how excited I am getting.  Over the years I have been around other peoples projects whether it was car audio cars at SLAP, show cars when I worked for Autosalon, or now at STM where our workshop is filled with peoples performance projects every single day.  Even after all that I didn’t know what it felt like to have a project that I, myself could personally get excited about.

After sanding the original paint back, I asked Bruce to throw a coat of primer on the frame, fork and handle bars.  I dropped around to his place to give them a wet sand and watch him put the colour and clear on.  I’m really happy with my colour choice and Bruce did a great job applying it.

My girlfriend G also got her bike painted.

My super attractive cleaning wench

Bruce's Batcave. He has made a drop down paint booth in his garage, pretty handy hey?

"Morpheus" Purple

Safety First

Purple to Grey Fade?

The finished product. Shiny and deep, not bad for a garage job 🙂

I think that is the hard part over.  Now I have to find a bunch of parts for it. Easy right?

Teal everything would be the dream.

Project Destined to Fail – Paint

Project destine to fail is moving along surprisingly well, I think it’s Genevieve’s influence. I’ve sanded down my frame, fork and handle bar ready for paint. Bam gave G a hand to grind off her front brake mount and her stand mount as they will no longer be needed. I did mine myself cos I’m a big boy, managed to keep all my limbs too, bonus.

Shots taken with the Canon 50mm 1.8 Prime make the simplest scenes awesome.

Choosing the colour was a bit of a hard decision, I’ve gone from a flat grey, to a bright solid blue only to end up on “Morpheus” a purple found on the VE Holden Commodores (Thanks Brendon Foot for the paint code). After choosing a colour Genevieve and I took a trip down to Total Body Shop where Kelvin mixed up our colours (G went for Wasabi Green) My mate Bruce has kindly offered to throw the paint at it. Shot Bruce.

Trying to keep this momentum going, I’ve been on the hunt for some choice BMX parts to complement my purple base. Which lead me to find this BMX concept/virtual customization tool.

To help us through the mine field that is bike building we went to see Cam at Cycle Science and he is filling in all the gaps in our BMX knowledge. The guy even has a wee dude doing a superman tattooed on his arm, so he must be legit. At the moment I’m kind of aiming for this,

Destined to Fail – BMX Project

Well anyone who knows me well, knows projects ain’t my thang.   For that matter anything that requires me to get out from behind my keyboard just don’t get done. The standing joke around the workshop is that if a project requires nothing more than a quick clean it’s perfect for me. I need to change up this reputation, I need to get out from behind the lappie. I’ve got myself a piece of shit BMX to turn into something I’ll be happy to rock around the city this coming summer. I might even learn how to do a back flip.

So far I’ve dismantled it ready for paint prep. Wish me luck internets.  I’ll need it.

This is the BMX

This is the inspiration