Power Moves – Apps, Business and Photography among other things

Dunx and I used to flat together out in Petone, our tastes are crazy similar. Every so often we catch up over dinner and talk about things going on in our lives and the world around us. We reckon we chat about some pretty interesting things so this time we noted it all down to share.

  1. We spoke about turning off all phone notifications.  As most of the notifications aren’t urgent and are often distracting.
  2. Tim Ferris wrote a pretty interesting book on creating a 4 hour work week.  That’s right 4 hours of work a week!
  3. G’s going to write up a bunch of beauty tips given to her by her mum. Look out for them on her blog
  4. Duncan spied my Nugget’s dyno sheet. 206kW at the wheels! STM Yeah boy!
  5. Maggi Ten Minute Marinades are so delicious and easy.  Just marinade chicken for ten minutes and then bang it on the BBQ.
  6. We discussed how much time we were “investing” in Instagram, check us out at @senbilcock, @genevievenz and @duncanrouke
  7.  I bought myself a G Shock while I was in Canada a couple of months ago, Dunx mentioned that The Hundreds have just put out their own G Shock.
  8. Dunx is a pretty kick arse wedding photographer and on that subject he showed me Logan McMillian a kiwi film maker that makes sick same day wedding video edits that the bride and groom can watch at their reception.  He was also the guy who made the Hell Pizza YouTube pick-a-path video marketing campaign.
  9. Speaking of marketing, I’m going back to school.  Extramurally of course.  My first paper is business statistics.  Fun fun.
  10. Did you know the newest Adobe Photoshop has this awesome content aware scaling feature? I didn’t, Dunx did. Watch this video to see the full explanation.
  11.  G always complains about our super high power bill, so Duncan recommend the Powerswitch website and the Powershop website to change to a cheaper supplier.
  12. Duncan told us about Sushi B, a sushi place in town that has an awesome selection of delicious sushi. After 3pm all pieces are only 1 buck each! Bonus.
  13. Dunx is looking to edit videos like I’ve been doing for STM(like this and this).  I recommend Final Cut Pro X as its SOOOOO easy to us. It’s pretty much iMovie on steroids.
  14. Wunderlist is a new to-do app that I have been using.  It syncs to your iPad, iPhone and Mac.  The same company has an exciting collaboration project in the works called Wunderkit, I’ve seen the public beta and it looks choice.
  15. I open programs on my Mac using an app called Alfred it’s crazy fast. Hat tip to Hayden from Leftfield Interactive who told me about it.
  16. Duncan is going to setup the Multi Desktop feature on his mac, so I suggested the Incase wall paper page as it has some beautiful wallpapers
  17. Genevieve is going to start uploading folders of photos on here Genevieve Warburton Facebook page.  To increase interaction from her fans.
  18. Duncan and I spoke about the Social Fresh Academy, which is an online social media training centre.
  19. Dunx showed me his new Wedding photography website.  I gave him some feedback regarding search engine optimization.  The basics like page titles and image alt tags are important.  Also a page with all photos isn’t going to rank as high as a page with some text.
  20. Duncan is going to have a stand at the Wedding expo, we spoke about running a really compelling offer to drum up some business for next year.
  21. Both Duncan and I drive a long way on a daily basis, to utilize this time I listen to pod casts during the trip.  I’ll publish a list of my favorites soon.
  22. We spoke about sending online advertising traffic to a specific conversion page (Like Unbounce).  This give you the ability to test and improve the conversion.
  23. My mate Pedey put me onto “Ski-On Neon” an incredibly addictive iPhone game.
  24. There are heaps of social media tools out there, when I went on holiday to the states a couple of months ago, I used Sendible to schedule all the STM Facebook photos and posts.  It doesn’t look as slick as some of the others but I found it had more complete features.  G uses Hootsuite.
  25. This year as per my New Years resolutions I will be up the Mountain to snowboard a few times, turns out this is one of Duncan’s goals too.  Snow team assemble!
  26. The last thing we spoke about was making money from blogging and being online, Duncan brought up this chick Gala Darling, a girl from the Hutt who is making it big overseas.

That’s all folks. Until next time.

Partying Wanganui Styles

My girlfriend G managed to turn her 21st into 3 separate parties, one of which was in her home town: Wanganui.  This is how it went down.

We got up early on Saturday got the place ready.  I took as many photos as possible to try and get out of doing any real work.

Checking in at G's place. G, Bam and Brit

Pre-cooking the sauasages for midnight munchies.

Fairy lights up. Check. This is my favorite shot from the weekend.

G has a major girl crush on Beyonce. Could be worse I suppose.

Icing tested. Check.

Supporting Steve since 2009.

Bam recently joined the Apple cult. Good job!

Bam putting in the hard work. Heaters. Check.

A vacuum cleaner for outside. Clean Driveway. Check.

The party was choice, good times with great people. After went to Stellar, Wanganui’s only bar, it’s always an interesting experience.  Check more photos on Genevieve’s blog.

Dunx on form.

The birthday girl and flat mate.

Home time.

That is how you pack a boot.

Giant angry birds

On the way home we stopped in at the windmill in Foxton, just off State Highway 1.  You have probably driven past it a million times.   It was pretty interesting, I even got some gluten free flour which they make using the windmill.  Old school cool.  If you are REALLY interested they have tours for $5.

Misleading sign.

5 things I’m really excited about right now!

5 things I’m really excited about right now!

  1. iSO5 (iPad, iPhone) – In particular Notification Center and Wifi Syncing
  2. My trip to USA (L.A., Las Vegas, San Fran, Vancouver and Seattle) in October
  3. 4 days of SEMA 2011 automotive indulgence
  4. The arrival of my new Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag 
  5. Getting the Nugget (EVOCoupe) on the Road

What’s exciting you at the moment?

IMDB App and Horrible Bosses

Jason Bateman cracks me right up! Horrible Bosses due July 8th is directed by Seth Gordon, he directed some episodes of Modern Family, The Office, Community and Parks & Recreation.  Anyways here is the trailer here, judge for yourself.

This is a great segue to the next item which has recently appeared on my radar.  After getting an iPad I have been on the app hunt.  IMDb is as you would expect; movie information, just like you would get on their website.  The app also enables you to easily add movies to your “watch list”.  The watch list ensures you don’t see something you like and then never download it, oh I mean rent it. Grab IMDb here.