Nugget in for certification

So it’s been a crazy long time since I bought the EVOcoupe from Jonny, but it’s almost done. I’ve had the guys at STM finish up loads of little things that needed to be sorted. When I was down in Wellington for the NZPC Summer Tour I took it for it’s very first drive. I’m […]

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Big Changes

Big things have happened in my life recently. For those of you who are out of the loop here is the quick catch up. I’ve moved to Auckland I’ve left STM I’ve resurrected my own business I’ve partnered with Andre (STM) and embarked on a new project. For those of you who would like a […]

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Lift Off – Custom BMX Parts Arrive

My BMX parts arrived from Dan’s Comp today. I’m pretty excited about putting this bike put together. In saying that I obviously mean “I’m pretty excited about getting Cam at Cycle Science to put this bike together”. Spanners and I don’t play well together.  I’m missing a couple of key elements including; a seat post, […]

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The Nugget: Bumper is on!

So progress has slowed on the nugget a bit. I refuse to let it beat me though.  I need to have it sorted and sold by November. With the help of Bam, I’ve installed the rear bumper.  It was heaps harder than I thought, nothing is ever easy.  It’s starting to look like a complete […]

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1 Custom BMX Down 1 To Go.

I took a couple of days off work and hung out with G to celebrate her birthday.  For the 4th time. If you look back through my posts you will see we have both been working on custom BMXs.  G’s is nearly done, she can’t afford the wheels she really wants so got a temporary […]

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