Starting Splitboarding in New Zealand

When I first started going out with Genevieve (my now wife) I lived a pretty boring life, I really didn’t have any adventurous hobbies. I was working at STM (a local performance workshop) and really that was all I did, if someone asked what I was into I would say marketing and cars. I really made a conscious effort to find something to do that would really push me outside of my comfort zone. G was has been snowboarding for years and pushed me to give it a try.

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Indian Wedding Time

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to Auckland to attend my good friend Falgoon’s wedding.  It was my first Indian wedding was really interesting insight into another culture. Indian wedding is no one evening ordeal.  It’s a week long process.  G my girlfriend and I headed up to Falgoon’s parent’s home a few days […]

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