What to get me for Christmas

I’m a pretty particular kind of guy and I’ve been told shopping for me is a bit of a pain. To make Christmas time easy for everyone in my life, here is a list of “Ben Approved” gifts. You might also find this list useful if you are trying to buy presents for someone else who shares similar tastes. All the links go to an online shop, easy as!

The Elevation iPhone Dock, in matteblack – $89USD

The JawBone handsfree mobile wireless speaker – $199 USD

Bodum Pavina Latte Glasses – $24.95 NZD

Belroy Hide and Seek Wallet, in black – $89 AUD

The KeyBird house key blank, KW1 Style,  $8.99 USD

Nike Fuel Band, in Black – $149 USD

Cafe Cocoa Shaker, in black or red – $19.95 NZD

The Plank – a iPhone and key holder – $24.99 USD

Rocket Espresso Cups, in black – $79 NZD (Set of Two)

FreeKey Keyring System –  $6.95 USD

Mortar & Pestle – $24.95

Hard Graft iPhone Wallet Plus, smoke in colour – $75 GBP

Stainless Steel Sharpie – $5.98 USD

16kg Kettle Bell – $109NZD

Benriner Turner Slicer – $73.95 USD


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