ASB’s Great Mobile Banking App

Hands up who is sick of entering their username and password a million times a day to access your apps/banking/sites etc. Well say goodbye to one of those instances; your online banking.

Seems like ASB was actually listening to their customers while developing their banking app. The old version was pretty much a chopped up version of their website. Which meant every time you wanted to log on you had to enter your full username and password, with all my numerals and capitalisation (cause I’m ultra sneaky) it used to take ages to enter. This was my main gripe but the problems didn’t end there. The ASB website sure wasn’t optimised for the small screen at all and in sort everything was fiddly and annoying to do anything.

The new app solves the login side of things granting access with just a pin number. No username. No password. Just a five digit pin. This new light weight method means you can get almost instant access to your account.

This one feature removed my major bugbear with smartphone based banking. So the fact that ASB went all out and optimised almost every aspect of the web based service for the small screen was pure bonus!  They even introduced a service to pay your mates via their cell phone number, that’s smart bro!

I really appreciate a bank creating something truly useful.


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