Powerade Challenge Wellington

STM’s Doug Goodall gave me the heads up on Powerade’s most recent interactive marketing efforts. So I signed up to see what it’s all about.

The Gist
In its simplest form the Powerade Challenge is a running race, you can start your race at anytime you like. Competitors sign up online and are sent an RFID rubber bracelet. Competitors swipe their bracelet at check point A (the start). Run 8km along a predefined course and then swipe again at checkpoint B (the finish). Competitors times are automatically posted to an online leader board. Clever that the check points are Powerade machines.

Interesting Bits
The fastest runners to complete the course are given encouragement on a LCD Powerade billboard. Competitors go into the draw for Powerade prizes. The things you can do with RF bracelets are pretty insane, I feel like I’m living in the future.

Bits I liked

  • The website looks great, loads quickly and is easy to operate.
  • The concept in general, every competitor is dedicating a huge chunk of their time (at least 20mins) getting involved with Powerade’s brand. That is an extremely hard thing to achieve in the info overload, content cluttered times we live in.   


  • The info pack I got sent looked average. A plain envelope with colour laser printed map and info page really didn’t fit with the rest of the campaign, Maybe they ran out of budget?

Campaign Main Website

Brand consistant confirmation email

The sweet branded RF bracelet

Average laser printed info pack, sent in plain envelope

Couldn’t have picked a better morning.

The start / finish line.

Powerade branding is prevalent along the entire course’

While some people sleep, I run. Powerade went crazy on the bus stop media buys. Each bus top along the course displayed a Powerade ad front and back.

Obviously using some kind of black magic, this bill board scrolls encouragement.

Just incase you thought you were off track, Powerade points you in the right direction.

The bus stop adverts facing you on the way back to the finish spout motivational slogans.

Swiped my bracelet at the end of the course and revived a free Powerade. Hell Yeah!

When I got home I checked my time online. Very slick.
All in all, I loved getting involved with the campaign. Anyone who knows me, knows I appreciate the small details and almost all the bases were covered. This promotion really blew me away congrats to Powerade’s marketing team.
Oh and the guys over at Stoppress wrote a piece on this interactive marketing campaign if you want more info.
Anyone going to give it a try?

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