The simple life – iPhone Wallet

Everywhere I go, I have my wallet and my phone. Nothing new there, I’m sure that’s how most of you roll.  But ya see I fancy myself as a bit of a minimalist, I’ve never really had the huge receipt laden wallet, for the last couple of years I’ve been rocking a super simple single panel Johnny Cupcakes item.  It’s served me well.  While in the states a couple of weeks ago I picked up this Hex iPhone wallet in an Apple store.

The Hex Wallet is full bad arse, business style.  It’s made out of genuine leather, has a sweet elastic band, 3 card slots.  Unfortunately a couple of weeks after I got back I dropped it and cracked the corner (don’t worry iPhone was saved) so had to get a replacement.  I couldn’t find it anywhere in NZ so I bought another one online. Karmaloop had the best deal and the cheapest freight.

Hex are those guys who brought out the straps to turn your iPod Nano into a watch. Also check out this colab Hex did with The Hundreds, it’s on the Christmas list.


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