A couple of months ago a colleague asked me what I do for kicks. I stood there for a second as he continued to wash down his dirt bike, freshly muddied from an adrenaline fueled trail ride. “I run and swim I guess” I replied, as the words came out of my mouth I realised how unimpressive that sounded.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy both running and swimming, however they aren’t activities I’m truly excited about.  It was then I decided I needed a hobby.

They say a goal isn’t a goal unless it’s written down and with New Years and the accompanying resolution making just around the corner there is no better time.

Fresh from my trip State side, I decided I’d really like to spend some more time snowboarding, so here is the goal:

1. In 2012 I will spend at least 10 days snowboarding on the/a Mountain

This is a video of me last year on a snow board for the first time ever.


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