Partying Wanganui Styles

My girlfriend G managed to turn her 21st into 3 separate parties, one of which was in her home town: Wanganui.  This is how it went down.

We got up early on Saturday got the place ready.  I took as many photos as possible to try and get out of doing any real work.

Checking in at G's place. G, Bam and Brit
Pre-cooking the sauasages for midnight munchies.
Fairy lights up. Check. This is my favorite shot from the weekend.
G has a major girl crush on Beyonce. Could be worse I suppose.
Icing tested. Check.
Supporting Steve since 2009.
Bam recently joined the Apple cult. Good job!
Bam putting in the hard work. Heaters. Check.

A vacuum cleaner for outside. Clean Driveway. Check.

The party was choice, good times with great people. After went to Stellar, Wanganui’s only bar, it’s always an interesting experience.  Check more photos on Genevieve’s blog.

Dunx on form.
The birthday girl and flat mate.

Home time.

That is how you pack a boot.
Giant angry birds

On the way home we stopped in at the windmill in Foxton, just off State Highway 1.  You have probably driven past it a million times.   It was pretty interesting, I even got some gluten free flour which they make using the windmill.  Old school cool.  If you are REALLY interested they have tours for $5.

Misleading sign.


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