Photos of my Wellington Weekend.

I love Wellington, like all good Wellingtonians do.  In the summer I’m often out of town with work. so in the winter I like to chill out (see what I did there) and relax in the city.   Check out what I got up to this weekend.

G's bike pretty much all together now! Well with the old wheels. But it rides.
Cam at Cycle Science is pretty much the man. Couldn't have pulled it all together without him.
On Sunday we went for a ride/walk. G sat in her dream car a Nissan 370z.
Mojo kicks arse.
We took the BMX out to Oriental Bay, was an awesome winters Welly day.
G and I hit up Big Thumb for some Yum cha with Bam. Check out his beard!
G wouldn't get off the BMX.She even rode it in heels.
Saw this S13 Silvia out in Wellington on Saturday night. Looks choice.
Check this cool apartment in Wellington's Oriental Bay. Do want!
I'd settle for this one.
We played mini golf with the family at Carlucciland. Don't ask G who won. 😉

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