My Man Bag – Incase Ari Marcopulos Camera Bag

After missing out on the first release of the Incase Ari Marcopulos camera bag as soon as I heard they were being rereleased I snapped one up. When ever I make a purchase without actually touching the product I feel a certain level of apprehension that it won’t live up to my super high expectations. The fact that I cheaped out when ordering and only paid for slow freight made for an anxious couple of weeks.

Turns out I should have trusted Ari and  my friends over at Incase. The bag is epic, everything is pretty much perfect even down to the box it came in.

I’ve put it though a couple of tests. Once to Auckland and once to Wanganui, it’s the ideal size for traveling, it fits under an airplane seat and leaves enough room my size 13s. Fully loaded I can fit my Canon 30d, a 10-22mm lens, a 50mm lens, two Canon 580ex flashes with a ST-E2 2 x lens (10-22 and a 50mm) 2 580ex flashes, iPad, headphones, glasses case, some gum, some CF cards, spare batteries and my iPhone.  The way they have designed the strap makes it really easy to swing around to your front, pull your camera and start shooting. The material and construction feels durable and strong, the zips are big YKK items (Carryology tells me that’s important), the straps are double stitched. It feels like it should stand the test of time, I guess we will see.

Genevieve, Bag and I chilling at ALK Airport.

In short the bag is amazing! This isn’t really a fair review as there is so much detail and so many little features that I just couldn’t do justice in a couple of paragraphs.

The box it came in. Pretty epic in it's own right


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