Introducing the “Nugget” EVOCoupe

Right back when I started at STM I purchased my friend Jonnys unfinished project car.  With my new employment at New Zealand’s top workshop I figured I would be able to quickly tidy up the loose ends, put on some finishing touches and flick the Mirage for a massive profit.  Well 3 years later I have finally started working on it.  With the help of Bam and Chris it’s moving along really quickly. Oh and cheap storage from Andre @ STM

The Nugget in all it's glory

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Brief overview of the project: It’s a 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage Coupe, painted Ford “Acid Rush” (Gold), it has a Mitsubishi EVO 2 engine and drive-train including the 4WD conversion.  The body work has been touched up a bit, the aerial and boot locks have been removed as well as the passenger side door handle.  This work was all done by a previous owner Jon Bourke, who coincidentally started

So far I (Bam, Chris and I) have done the following:

  • Powder Coated the rocker cover
  • Installed an HKS intake and custom STM intake pipe
  • Installed a front mount intercooler
  • Installed a Haltec E11v2 ECU (Courtesy of Daryl at Redline Performance)
  • Installed an HKS SSQV BOV
  • Mildly de-loomed the engine bay

The car has a huge ever growing to-do list:

  • Install rear 1/4 windows
  • Install roof strips
  • Install rear seats
  • Install rear seat belts
  • Fabricate exhaust
  • Power steering belt
  • Replace the fuel level sender
  • Replace the fuel pump
  • Fit new solenoid to passengers door
  • Hook up A/C wire
  • Find and fit awesome steering wheel
  • Find, fit and paint EVO 3 Side Skirts
  • Stereo, if we get that far
  • Tune
  • Wheels
  • Suspension
  • Cert
  • Oil pressure warning light
  • Crazy indicator problem
Dohc yo! It's like we are living in the future.
Genuine EVO 3 Bonnet

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