Fresh Paint for Project Destined to Fail

Project Destined to Fail just keeps on surprising me, on two fronts.  One, the speed in which it’s progressing and two, how excited I am getting.  Over the years I have been around other peoples projects whether it was car audio cars at SLAP, show cars when I worked for Autosalon, or now at STM where our workshop is filled with peoples performance projects every single day.  Even after all that I didn’t know what it felt like to have a project that I, myself could personally get excited about.

After sanding the original paint back, I asked Bruce to throw a coat of primer on the frame, fork and handle bars.  I dropped around to his place to give them a wet sand and watch him put the colour and clear on.  I’m really happy with my colour choice and Bruce did a great job applying it.

My girlfriend G also got her bike painted.

My super attractive cleaning wench

Bruce's Batcave. He has made a drop down paint booth in his garage, pretty handy hey?

"Morpheus" Purple

Safety First

Purple to Grey Fade?

The finished product. Shiny and deep, not bad for a garage job 🙂

I think that is the hard part over.  Now I have to find a bunch of parts for it. Easy right?

Teal everything would be the dream.


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