Route 66 – Foxtons finest?


I have driven to Auckland HEAPS, maybe a million times in my life. Traveling up State Highway 1, about an hour and a half out of Wellington, you drive through Foxton. Since I was a kid there as always been an American style diner in the middle of “town”. This weekend just gone I dropped in to give it a try. Route 66 is the diners current guise.

Although I wasn’t expecting much, the restaurant did disappoint, a place like this will always be judged on it’s fries. They serve them as a side on every meal, they need to be perfect…or at least half decent. But alas, they were lukewarm and flavorless. 4/10 and they got one point for having a car on the roof and having a crazy short bar stool.





3 thoughts on “Route 66 – Foxtons finest?

  1. Just ate there tonight. Possibly the worst meal we’ve ever paid for. If you can’t get burgers and nachos right you might as well pack up shop. Service was poor (we had to get our own menus from the counter), the food was not hot, the burger bun not toasted and the nachos came out cold and tasteless. There was one other table of people. It’s not like they were rushed off their feet. I twice asked for a beer which the waitress forgot altogether. We won’t be going again.

  2. Hey,
    We were so looking forward to going there for a meal Saturday night, but after reading a couple of comments/reviews, should we still go.
    We don’t mind paying for a decent/good large meal.
    Not too sure now, especially when you have to travel some distance for it.


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