Learning to Sail in Auckland

The Wellington Airport International terminal has recently had a bit of an update.  I haven’t seen as we don’t often fly JetStar or international.  Anyway, loads of people hate the terminal, I think it’s awesome!


The main reason for my trip was to run the STM EFI Tuning Stage 1 Training Course. We held it at the ASB Showgrounds, excellent facility BT Dubs for a very reasonable price. I’m going to go ahead and say it was a raging success…but I would say that.


Note a bad view 🙂 Genevieve and I ducked down to the Viaduct for a feed at Portofino.


Yeah I’m wearing a ball sports themed tee…any one who knows me can see the humor.  Taryn of Iheartstance fame.

This new BMW was on display at the marina, am I the only one who thinks the headlights look like some 16 year old has slapped on some vinyl eyelids?


On Sunday we rolled out on G’s parents boat. Don’t you think G looks like a monkey a bit? Just a bit?


While I was learning to sail, we rolled past this bad boi! It’s called Vertigo and is 68m long! Oh, it’s also made in NZ by Alloy Yachts DAMN! If you would like to read about it, head over to this website


Ahhh, public transport. This was by far the worst experience of the trip.  A bus ride. God I hate public transport.


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